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Yuepu Gong and Drum
Source: Author: Time:2015-08-25

The Yuepu Gong and Drum is a Shanghai-style performing art developing with the traditional Yuepu Gong and Drum integrating with the Weifeng Gong and Drum in northern China, Taiyuan Gong and Drum in Shanxi Province and the New Year Celebrating Gong and Drum in Sichuan Province. It originates from the mid-Qing Dynasty and has developed in the original areas such as Yuepu and Luodian in Baoshan. In the most prosperous period, only the Yuepu area boasted 15 folk gong and drum performing teams. The traditional gong and drum was active in the folk festival celebrations and has been a program favored by local people; the modern Yuepu Gong and Drum has become a symbol of the Yuepu feature cultures presented many times in the international, municipal and district cultural events. In June 2007, Yuepu Gong and Drum was included in the first batch of Shanghai intangible cultural heritages.

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