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Baoshan Intl Folk Arts Festival Wrapped up with Dance Drama 2015-11-17
Shanghai Baoshan Intl Folk Arts Festival has become a grand a... 2015-11-16
International faces light up Baoshan places 2015-11-13
Chinese and Foreign Artists Have Get-together in Baoshan 2015-10-22
Yuepu Gongs & Drums Annual Meeting Held 2015-10-18
Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival Kicks off 2015-10-18
Shanghai Baoshan Intl Folk Arts Festival Kicks off 2015-10-16
Baoshan festival celebrates world folk arts 2015-10-15
Enjoying World Art Feast at Door 2015-10-15
Colorful side events enliven culture festival 2015-10-11
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Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition
Shanghai University The People's Government of Baoshan District, Shanghai
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