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Baoshan Intl Folk Arts Festival Wrapped up with Dance Drama
Source: Author: Time:2015-11-17

As the "finale" show of the one-month-long Ninth Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival, the dance drama Crested Ibises was staged in Baoshan on the afternoon of November 16. According to the sources, the festival attracted the participation of more than 400,000 people as well as nearly 300 artists of 11 folk art groups from 10 countries who presented wonderful performances.

With the theme of harmonious coexistence of people and animals, the dance drama Crested Ibises prepared by Shanghai Dance Theatre integrates the elements of folk dance, ballet and modern dance, showing a flock of crested ibises growing freely in a beautiful environment and a youth living with the birds in harmony. The drama features group dances of lines of crested ibises, pas de deuxes of crested ibis and the youth, as well as the care of the youth for the crested ibises and the injured crested ibis lingering on the people in the second half of the drama. The dances with strong dramatic attraction deeply moved the audiences.

With the Crested Ibises staged, the Ninth Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival was crowned with success. Adhering to the principle of art pageant for the common people, world spectaculars at the door aimed at benefiting the people in culture and highlighting the inclusive, international, artistic and folk characteristics, efforts have been made to create a festival beside the common people. Including more than 180 splendid events in the four sections of performing, appreciating, discussing and enjoying, the festival put up a stage of cultural sharing featuring the participation, experience and promotion of the common people. Among the events, the parade show took the streets as a stage, as about 1,360 performers from 33 Chinese and foreign art groups showed their talents in an open form and the three sections of riverside songs, Chinese and foreign styles and new presentation of ancient rhyme produced a scene of tens of thousands of spectators appreciating the performances of more than a thousand performers.

In addition, a total of 11 foreign art groups from 10 countries and regions including Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Russia, Slovakia, Scotland and the United States gathered in Baoshan during the festival to showcase the folk arts with unique characteristics. The domestic art groups including Yunnan National Culture Art Troupe, Anhui Sizhou Flower-drum Lamp Theatre, Liaoning Haicheng City Stilts Art Troupe and China National Acrobatic Troupe, as well as the art troupes from some districts and counties and universities in Shanghai, have also participated in the festival. The programs of one art for one place for 12 sub-districts and towns in Baoshan including Luodian Dragon Boat, Yuepu Gong and Drum, Poem Village Gucun, Yanghang blow molding print, Luojing new presentation of ancient rhyme, style of Dachang Qianxi, charms of Miaohang, Songnan colorful community, Gaojing in memory, glamorous Youyi, happiness in Wusong, and new neighborhoods in Zhangmiao old streets, demonstrated the Chinese styles in various aspects, the characteristics of Shanghai and the great charms of the unique folk arts in Baoshan.

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